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Kulturezine Music Group LLC.

“We Move like a Major  and Think like an Indie"

Kulturezine Music Group LLC.  It was founded in 2018 by Shakiji “Zulu King Shakiji “Abdul and Anthony Jordan (2021), and Raymond Llyod (2022) as all are Avid music and urban cultural fans also record enthusiasts. Their passion for the real artist and music, 21 artist development is what made Kulturezine Music Group the home of Legendary and future star artists, including Danny “Sweet Man” Thomas (Legendary funk group Con funk shun), Cheryl "Cheryl the Pearl" Cook ( of the Hip Hop Legendary group The Sequence ), China Gray, Lakin, Jess Harris, Envy (all-female band and TV Show)The Gotti Boyz, Kasim Allah, and many more to come. With several decades of combined years of recorded music history, our passion for artistry in music will continue as a future generation of incredible artists will continue to further the future legacy of Kulturezine Music Group LLC. (KMG) is A division of Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC. We are a Global Digital Music Distribution Company. We are currently distributed by Sony/ Orchard Global distribution (SOGD). We distribute several Labels such as the following: Pajama Music Group, Lakin Music, Global Records, Envy the Game Music, and Global Wake up Movement Music Projects.
We specialize in the development, acquisition, production, distribution, and sales of Music content. KMG's diversified expertise spans various backgrounds from; Recording Music Production, Artist Development, Soundtracks, Music Placement, and marketing and branding. Through our global reach and expansive scale, we are powered by our deep, local, and global market knowledge.
KMG plans to deliver some of the best musical content globally. KMG will bring our artists and Distributed Labels to a new and more innovative digital world. KMG will expand its products and its Brands Globally. The Digital-based company now provides Artists and Labels with many services, including Distribution, Consultation, Development, Marketing, Media, Social Media, and Global Brand Management. Our goal is to help maximize every marketing and branding opportunity for our artists, producers, songwriters, and distributed labels, in the most compelling way. Our Labels and Artist list include working with major companies as well as smaller Boutique and Independent that do not have promotional, media, Media. Marketing and branding staff.  Please feel free to check on our reputation.  We look forward to hearing from you and we thank you for you.


Pull up - Jess Harris
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Free to Dream - Danny Thomas
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